DRTV is the cornerstone of the DRL Network. DRTV offers the best in online sim race broadcasting mainly based in the NR2003 community. DRTV was first launched in 2011 has a fun hobby and experiment to showcase the long standing greatness of the Nascar 2003 Racing game. In 2014, DRTV relaunched as a full-time entity offering a new and innovative way to offer online racing leagues a real life television like experience that pushes the envelope to the next level. With the support of the online racing community DRTV has created a great group of partners that have provided for some of the greatest online racing moments that have been captured as part of the live flag to flag coverage that DRTV has become known for. Behind the brilliance of Rich Patton and the witty energetic announce team of Todd Stanton and Phil LaCasse, DRTV always finds a new creative way to enhance the broadcasts offering a combo of on track knowledge and entertainment that makes the DRTV team stand out from all others. The year 2016 will no doubt bring new endeavors as the expansion of the DRL Network continues to evolve. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with the great leagues we have has the pleasure to work with, as well as welcome new partners who have interest in bringing the best in online race broadcast to there home leagues. Please be sure to check out our broadcast packages and schedule your event to be broadcast live on DRTV!

DRL Racing is the founding father of the DRL Network. DRL Racing was born many years ago as its own league racing in the NR2003 community. The Dyno Racing League operated for many years on Friday and Saturday nights following the top 2 Nascar sanctioned series. DRL became a place from the likes of many leagues to come and race together week after week and no doubt became a destination event each night! In 2014 the Dyno Racing League merged with the TDR Racing League which carried out the remainder of the DRL seasons. The joining of forces allowed for the rebirth of DRTV and afforded the opportunity for DRL Racing to stay aboard as the sanctioning body of the racing activity. In the winter of 2014 DRL Racing along with TDR Racing launched the DRTV Whelen Modified Series. Each Saturday night brought short track racing to the masses and became must see TV for all. After a successful season, DRL once again became a community force on the race track in 2015 with the launch of the DRTV Premiere Cup Series. Over the course of 2015 DRL Racing welcomed nearly 100 drivers into the DRL Racing family. With this great success DRL and TDR will once bring back to life the DRTV Modified Series and the DRTV Premiere Cup Series in 2016! As the DRL Network continues to grow and expand the DRL Racing product will certainly be the centerpiece of operations while allowing DRTV a playground to unveil new and innovative ways to keep the broadcasts fresh and inviting to all racers and race fans out there. The DRTV Modified Series returns to action on December 5th 2015. Registrations for this series are open at the TDR website tdr-racing.net and also stay tuned for news and updates regarding the 2016 DRTV Premiere Cup Series which will kick off the season in February at Daytona with the running of the DRTV 300.

New from the DRL Network establishment, DRL Live is a complete success gaining more viewers than any other broadcasting show going on at the same time. Fan interaction, weekly stats from leagues around the community ( from those who have not shut themselves out of the community) and driver/owner/fan interviews. We took the time to think of this project and tried to think about where it needs to be for the entire Sim Racing community and I think we hit this out of the park. For 2017, you can expect that it grows even bigger as things progress.

While there are those who seem to think they are the best in the business with absolutely no proof of the matter, anything coming out of the DRL Network has proven to be at a whole other level. Anyone can try to broadcast a race, anyone can try and stream them selves, but it is the team, the crew, the interaction and the true thought of being there for the entire community that has proven to make DRL Live and DRTV a cut above the rest. There is no comparison.

Coming in 2017, we will continue on with our dedication to the community through our DRL Live weekly shows, our high standard DRTV online race broadcasts and our FaceBook and web site interactions.

Have a safe and happy Holidays over the next few week's. We are all looking forward to what is in store for the community and for DRL Network as a whole. We will continue to bring exciting things your way and for the community.

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