This is a DRL Network graphics contest. DRLNetwork is looking to have a make over by updating our current logos and graphics. We are running this contest to allow those in the community to have a shot at being part of something we would normally keep in house. This will give any and all painters out there a platform to show off their work and have the rights to say "I was part of that" down the road. We will be holding this contest in a simple fashion. There will be three groups/tiers for submission. The groups are as follows: DRTV Logo, DRLlive Logo and a DRLNetwork logo. These three logos will change the way DRL looks and will be used as our primary logos in all future events. These will also be seen on any league web site that carries our "link to us" option. The point is that your work will be seen by many and will proudly be displayed across all of DRL's functions. As part of this contest, the winner will become part of the DRL Network crew and will become the official Graphics Designer for all of DRL Network to include DRTV, DRL Live and any future endeavors. Contest rules will be listed in the rules section on our web site. If you have any questions, please get in contact with Rich, Phil, Todd or Joe through FaceBook and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can also use the "Contact Us" option in our web page's main menu.

Contest Rules:

1. All submissions must be submitted to our web site. We will not except images through any other source including FaceBook.

2. All submissions must be entered no later than 11:00 pm est. on April 15th, 2017.

3. Final voting will start on May 1st, 2017

4. Final voting will consist of the best of the three groups picked by the entire DRL Network crew. This means final voting will be made over three different logos and a winner of the entire contest will be named.

5. Final voting will be done by the community. Once the DRL Network crew determines our pick from each group we like, we will create the voting process showcasing the three contenders for the community to vote on.

6. Voting will be made public and will last for one week only. Voting will end on May 8th at 11:00 pm est.

7. All submissions must be in PNG format and high resolution. PSP and/or PSD files will need to be available from the top three that make the final cut.

8. All images must be submitted by using our submission form located on our website and this posted article.

9. Each person can enter up to 3 versions for each group they wish to enter into. Meaning you can submit 3 DRTV logos, 3 DRL Live logos or 3 DRLNetwork Logos. You can only enter3 max to any given group. This will be managed by date and time of submission. Make sure you enter the ones you want judge so you do not place your best work outside of this rule. they will be removed from the contest.


DRL Network reserves the right to edit or change the rules at any time for the betterment of this contest. 

The deadline to submit logos has ended. Voting will start on May 1st.

There are two different aspects to the prize involved in this contest. The final winner will not only win the contest, but will be offered a one and only shot at becoming part of the DRL network crew. Here is the basics of how this will go down.

1. The winner of this contest will win a 50% discount for any one time event with any DRL service. This includes a DRTV broadcast. Meaning that person will have the right to use a 50% discount for any event, for any league of their choice. The only stipulation for this prize is that it must be used by the individual that won it. This prize does not expire until it is used.

2. The second aspect of this contest to us, seem a bit more important. The winner will be offered a full time honorary position on the DRL Network crew. This person will be named our Official Graphics Designer and will be responsible for any and all of our graphics going forward. They will also get automatic promoting with every DRL function which includes at the time, DRTV Broadcasts, DRL Live (our weekly talk show) and name, website,and art work will be displayed on our website and all live shows. They will be promoted as our official Graphics Designer in all show credits and will become part of the best broadcasting network in this community.


Past and Current Logos

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Contest Submissions

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